WordPress isn’t just a startup destination

In recent years, the trend of website design using WordPress is increasing sharply. Especially businesses in Vietnam, gradually choose WordPress as their web design platform. According to W3Tech statistics, by 2018, WordPress accounted for 30% of the total 10 million websites worldwide. With a platform (CMS) – free and open-source content management system, written in PHP language and used.

Many people have said that WordPress is their choice in branding on the Internet platform if a business is just starting up. That is very true because designing a website with WordPress reduces a lot of costs. Not only that, big companies like SONY, eBay, The New York Times, CNN, or even Disney have chosen WordPress as their destination. Why? Because WordPress brings many utilities for administration as well as SEO.

Experts commented: “In 2020 and the following years, WordPress is still a very good choice for businesses, especially stores, Shops, or Blogs. “

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With many beautiful and customizable interface templates, WordPress is not inferior to any competitor


Advantages of WordPress

The first thing when talking about the advantages of WordPress, I will talk about the “UNLIMITED” thing. With WP, you can completely create any type of website you want with just Plugins and Themes. WordPress with a repository of free and paid themes and Plugins, free for you to choose from. In particular, design a website with WP – you will not necessarily be coding savvy. Anyone with just a little research can build their own website.

And now, let’s take a look at 8 reasons why WordPress is so popular !

1. Open-source code

More than 1 billion users worldwide already use WordPress, which is no small number!

2. Widely used, large community

Powered by the worldwide WordPress community

3. Flexibility

thiết kế website bằng wordpress linh hoạt
WordPress can build many areas such as sales, personal blog…

4. SEO Friendly

Cấu trúc website chuẩn SEO và thân thiện với công cụ tìm kiếm

SEO experts say WordPress SEO is very good

An important factor that determines the use of WordPress when designing websites for companies and stores is the SEO standard factor, and WordPress has met that. Longtime SEO experts have also commented that WP has plugins and themes that support SEO very well. Help their website have outstanding and top rankings sustainably.

5. Good Customization

thiết kế website bằng wp
WordPress allows good customization of both Frontend and Backend

With many hot Plugins such as WP Bakery Page Builder Composer, Element, UX Builder … and allows to edit Code right on the WordPress Admin system, you can customize the interface and features of the website quickly. This is something that competitors like Joomla or Wix cannot compete with.

6. Easy to manage and update

thiết kế wordpress dễ dàng
WordPress is easy to manage and update the system

With an open-source Update regularly, the security for the website will be significantly increased. The WordPress team always gives the best support to its users.

7. Easy-to-use website admin

thiết kế webiste bằng wp
Responsive WordPress for everyone to use quickly and efficiently.

WordPress websites can be installed and up and running in minutes, even without technical expertise. And the user’s need is a domain name and web hosting account. WordPress can be installed for free through your WordPress hosting provider or uploaded directly from WordPress.org. In addition, the easy-to-understand, scientific, and easy-to-manage Admin panel has all the features you need to customize your website’s header and layout and start creating pages and posts in no time.

8. Free

thiết kế website tại hà tĩnh
Free but reasonable

At the Plugin and Theme sharing repository, WordPress owns millions of free and paid plugins, you will freely choose for yourself the most necessary plugins.


  • WordPress has built-in features like Link Management
  • Has a search engine-friendly, neat Permalink structure.
  • Can create multiple categories for posts and support easy tagging.
  • Allows any user to comment on a blog or website.
  • Users can easily write articles and post articles.
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use Visual Editor content editor is available.
  • At the same time, enhance WordPress security with 2-step verification, IP blocking…

Disadvantages of WordPress

WordPress also has certain disadvantages like other source code that the security is not too high. But with the current web security is gradually moving to Host packages and domain names. Hackers often infiltrate the host system, so the host providers have the most optimal security packages. Therefore the disadvantages of WP have been limited.

Another disadvantage of WordPress is that when you build other field websites with more difficult features, you have to know how to program and interfere with Source code to develop it. However, WordPress has supported up to 90% of the fields for businesses when building websites.

Anyone should have a website for themselves?

There will be many opinions on this statement, but you should have a website to:

  • Create a personal blog: For those who like to share and like to rewriting their stories or thinking, blogs are the best choice. At the same time, a personal blog on the Internet is also a way for some professionals to bring brands to more people faster for a certain purpose. Some celebrities also choose Blog to share, sell…
  • Create a sales website: With a sales website, WordPress is still the optimal choice in terms of features and construction costs. Especially, WordPress supports users to administer Admin effectively and simply.
  • Create a landing page website: Currently, businesses are gradually turning to land page website design. A very professional and eye-catching company introduction website.
  • With Startup: WordPress will be the best choice for them. both reduce costs and optimize SEO effectively. Help shape businesses on the Internet more sustainably and faster.

There is a fact !

A fact that may seem a bit ridiculous but it is happening is that not all website design agencies do their job well. Especially with WordPress website design, the designer must have full knowledge of WordPress, be good at Design, and grasp the market trends very well.

Many long-standing website design units have gradually fallen behind with technology and “Creativity”. They did not choose Word Press as a destination for their customers because they thought that the security was not high or affected their costs and profits. However, some website design units have chosen WordPress as a product to introduce to customers, and fortunately, this is the right choice.

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